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Auditions for High Springs Playhouse 2020 – 2021 Season


SHOW DATES: October 2 – 25, 2020
Adapted by Leroy W Clark |  Directed by Steve Bates

If you have questions you can email us at [email protected]

DRACULA is one of the most familiar monster stories of our time, and so there’s little doubt in our minds as to how the story will end up. The fun of this version is not its destination, but in the comic journey. Set in the courtyard behind Dr. Seward’s home, in the French Quarter of New Orleans, this new adaptation features Dr. Van Helsing as a medical specialist with Tourette’s Syndrome, Renfield as a crazy woman who eats bugs, and Dr. Seward’s Aunt Quincy as a lush with funny one-liners. There’s even a French maid from Haiti? Why Dracula? Ours is a world in which people’s fears are deeply personal, hidden, locked away beneath an exterior that is civilized. Into everyone’s life, however, comes a “Dracula” — something that brings private fear to the surface still as today the world must constantly cope with economic threats, terrorists, criminals and natural disasters.

Dracula Characters

  • LUCY WESTON is an attractive, well-developed young woman of twenty. She is very pale. Age range: 17-27.
  • ARTHUR HOLMWOOD is a solicitor who has joined Jonathan Harker’s firm. He is engaged to Lucy. He is a good-hearted, innocent young man of 25-30.
  • AUNT QUINCY is Dr. Seward’s aunt. She is a spinster, who sometimes drinks too much. Age range 40-70.
  • MINA HARKER, married to Jonathan and sister of Dr. Seward, is a beautiful, independent girl of 18-30. She is confident about herself.
  • DR. JACK SEWARD, Mina’s brother, is an alienist (a doctor specializing in the treatment of mental illness) of about thirty-five, intelligent, who is doing his best to take care of everyone.
  • PIPI LAVEAUX is the Maid, a French woman who came from Haiti to New Orleans.
  • COUNT ALUCARD is tall, dark and handsome with sexual magnetism, impeccable evening clothes and manners to match. He is cultured, confident, and sensuous. He has dark hair and sometimes wears a large black cape, lined with red silk. He is recently from Belize.
  • JONATHAN HARKER is a young man of about 25-30, handsome in appearance; married to Mina; a lawyer, but in manner direct and excitable.
  • ABRAHAM VAN HELSING is in age range 40-65. He is clearly a man of resourceful action. Always to the point, he raps his words out sharply and quickly. Originally from Holland, his family moved to Aruba in the Dutch West Indies where he was born and raised. He suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, but he has conquered most of the tics he experienced in childhood. He does have occasional fits in which he leaps about, but he has focused the vocal tic to naming certain foods.
  • MRS. RENFIELD is a repulsive woman, rotten teeth, shifty eyes, tousled hair. She is dressed in a plain, drab skirt and blouse. She eats bugs.


Auditions will be held at the High Springs Playhouse, 130 NE 1st Ave. (use for GPS navigation), High Springs, FL  32643

Rehearsals are typically weekday evenings but may vary by director.  Show dates are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 2:00 p.m. (July 4th will be at 2pm)

The High Springs Playhouse is a ‘Community Theater’ and we encourage anyone to audition for our season productions. Experience in theater is not required. We welcome theater enthusiasts from all walks of life.

When planning to audition for an HSP production, please consider researching the particular play to see which role(s) you would be interested in and to have an understanding of the story being told. Performers should plan on providing basic information about themselves to the show director and production staff and may be asked to ‘read for’ various roles during the audition. If possible, please print out the Audition Form below and bring it to the audition already filled out with your information.