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Auditions for High Springs Playhouse 2016-2017 Season

Rehearsal for Murder, Directed by Matt Walters

Auditions:  April 2 & 3, 2017
Show Dates:  June 2 – 25

This is a thrilling “theatrical” mystery in which our theatre becomes the set for the play. The playwright turns on the stage work light and prepares for the first reading of his brand new play. The actors, producer, director and others connected with the show come onto the stage, and under their humorous (and utterly real) theatrical talk, the tension grows. We soon discover that everyone connected with this play was involved with another play by the same playwright. At its opening night, exactly a year ago, and in this very same theatre, the beautiful leading lady, who was also the playwright’s fiancé, was murdered! As these people start reading portions of the new play, startling connections to the murder begin to unfold. The growing tension reaches the boiling point with surprising revelations, countered by others even more surprising. The dazzling, yet basically logical twists build to a climax and ultimate solution, that are theatrically stunning!

Set / Location: An empty Broadway Theater (between productions) New York City

CAST: 9 Male / 6 Female

Characters: (Male)

 Alex Dennison (A Broadway Playwright) Character Age Range: 30 to 60

 Ernie (Theater/Stage Doorman) Character Age Range: 50 to 70

 Lloyd Andrews (The Director) Character Age Range: 30 to 50

 David Matthews (An Actor) Character Age Range: 25 to 40

 Leo Gibbs (An Actor) Character Age Range: 35 to 50

 Police Officer #1 Character Age Range: Open

 Man in the Auditorium #1 (Frank – An Actor) Character Age Range: 30 to 40

 Mr. Santoro (Delivery Driver) Character Age Range: 25 to 50

 Man in the Auditorium #2 (Police Detective) Character Age Range: 30 to 50

Characters: (Female)

 Sally Bean (Alex’s New Secretary) Character Age Range: 20 to 25

 Monica Wells (Star Actress & Alex’s Deceased Fiancé) Character Age Range: 40 to 50

 Loretta (The Stage Manager) Character Age Range: 25 to 50

 Bella Lamb (The Producer) Character Age Range: 40 to 65

 Karen Daniels (An Actress) Character Age Range: 21 to 35

 Police Officer #2 Character Age Range: Open

Production Team Members Needed: (Experience helpful, but ‘Not Required’)

 Stage Manager

 Stage Hands X2

 Sound / Light Board Operator

 Costume Designer

 Prop Master


Will be held on Sunday April 2nd (5:30 p.m.) & Monday April 3rd (6:30 p.m.), 2017 The Auditions will be conducted at the High Springs Playhouse. Actors are encouraged to bring their resume and headshot (if available) or to complete the Audition  Form (available on the website or at the Auditions) NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. No preparations are necessary.

Rehearsals will begin with read-throughs in April (Location TBD) and continue through May (At HSP Main Stage) The Rehearsal Schedule will be available at the Auditions (Some flexibility allowed)

The Production dates are set for June 2nd – 25th, 2017

Annie Jr. – Summer Youth Musical, Directed by Kayli Figurero
Auditions:  June 4 & 5, 2017
Show Dates:  August 4 – 13
Youth production, ages 8-18

Audition times will vary.  Check back for more information.  Auditions will be held at the High Springs Playhouse, 130 NE 1st Ave. (use for GPS navigation), High Springs, FL  32643

Rehearsals are typically weekday evenings but may vary by director.  Show dates are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 2:00 p.m.

The High Springs Playhouse is a ‘Community Theater’ and we encourage anyone to audition for our season productions. Experience in theater is not required. We welcome theater enthusiasts from all walks of life.

When planning to audition for an HSP production, please consider researching the particular play to see which role(s) you would be interested in and to have an understanding of the story being told. Performers should plan on providing basic information about themselves to the show director and production staff and may be asked to ‘read for’ various roles during the audition. If possible, please print out the Audition Form below and bring it to the audition already filled out with your information.

Printable Audition Form